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140k Streaming.txt

is there any better way to design this solution? in some cases we are going to get the file with volume of 700k (it means they need to divide the files with each 5k and total count is 140k files and 140 triggers). this is seems like crazy volume and design. but we don't see any other solution as our pipe lines has web api calls for each record.

140k Streaming.txt

CostIn the demo which we will deploy we use 2GB Cloud Function. Cold invocation takes 3.5s and warn invocation takes 0.5s. In terms of pricing we get 0.0001019$ per cold invocation and 0.0000149$ per warm invocation. It means that for 1$ we get 10k cold invocations and 65k warm invocations. With free tier provided by Google Cloud you would get for free 20k cold invocations and 140k warm invocations per month. Feel free to check the pricing for your use cases using pricing calculator.

That leaves polled reception as the only way. We need to regularly ask the processor if it's got a new character.Fortunately, there is a perfect place for polling - within the sync handling code that's called every 64us.That means that baud rates of 140k are possible (theoretically - more on this later).

The polling is carried out (at least) once per scanline. This means that baud rates of up to 140k are possiblebefore characters might be missed. That is not to say that 140k baud is actually useable - The useable rate is halfthis because some characters cause more complex routines to be called, some of which take (the characterprocessing areas of) two scanlines to complete. More details on this can be found in the Control Sequence Handlingsection. 041b061a72

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