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Passmark Keyboard Test V3 Serial Numberl

The TS-72XX SBC's have no video controller or keyboard interface. This was done tokeep the board size small and the cost low. COM1 is typically used as a console port tointerface the TS-72XX to a standard terminal emulation program on a Host PC.An ANSI terminal or a PC running a terminal emulator is required to communicate withyour Embedded PC. Simply connect an ANSI terminal (or emulator) to COM1 (DB9female connector) using a null modem cable (this is included in the TS-ARM DevelopmentKit), using serial parameters of 115,200 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, no flow control, 1 stopbit, and make sure jumper JP2 is installed. If you are running Linux, the minicom programworks well, Windows users can run the Hyperterm application. Technologic Systemsoffers a null modem cable with both 25 pin and 9 pin connectors at each end as partnumber CB7-05. Some systems also require the 10-pin header to 9-pin Sub-D adapter which is P/N: RC-DB9.

Passmark Keyboard Test V3 Serial Numberl


The USB Connector on the TS-7260 provide two USB interfaces for the user. These aredirectly connected to the EP9302 processor, which integrates an USB dual-port OpenHost Controller Interface (Open HCI), providing full-speed serial communications ports ata baud rate of 12 Mbits/sec. Up to 127 USB devices (printer, mouse, camera, keyboard,etc.) and USB hubs can be connected to the USB host in the USB "tiered-star" topology.This includes the following features: 350c69d7ab

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