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Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan Movie Review in Hindi - Bollywood Hungama

the film is often credited with rediscovering the mongol warrior and his exploits, with many historians referring to genghis khan as the most famous single conqueror in history, and the modern world owes him a great debt for his creation of a vast empire.

Mongol The Rise Of Genghis Khan In Hindi Torrent


the film was mostly filmed in yugoslavia and then released in the united states in 1965. the story tells the exploits of mongol conqueror and ruler genghis khan who, along with a band of men, is seeking a bride for his son. he and his men journey through the land of his many enemies, looking for the bride. along the way, they encounter many perils, both from the land they travel and the wilderness around them. during their journey, they face terrible hardships and numerous dangers, and are also challenged by the fact that they have to deal with the religious, tribal, and political systems of their encounters. the film is based on a novel by james a. michener.

the film is also known as the conqueror, the khan, genghis khan, and the conqueror. the film received favorable reviews from critics, and holds a score of 66% on rotten tomatoes. it was released on dvd by anchor bay entertainment on july 8, 2005, and by the kino video label on july 12, 2011, in conjunction with the release of the film's original theatrical trailer. an extended version of the film was featured on the "special edition" dvd release of godzilla vs. destroyah in 2004. it was later included on the dvd release of godzilla vs. destroyah: 2.

2004 - a world where the mongols had conquered half the world. the mongol empire was the largest state to ever exist, with an estimated population of over 300 million. in the year 1211, the military power of the mongol empire was at its peak. the emperor kublai khan ruled over a vast empire and the empire's wealth and military power was unmatched by any other empire of its time. only a few years ago, the mongol empire was a large and powerful civilization and could control the world, but in 1211, the mongol empire was in chaos. the empire was divided into two halves, the north and the south, and the empire was split down the middle. in the northern half, the khan's heir, kublai khan, was leading a massive campaign to conquer the other half of the empire. kublai khan's third-in-command, noguai, was leading a small army with a small force of mongolian warriors through a difficult mountain terrain in the middle of the mongolian desert, to stop the mongolian army from conquering the southern half of the empire. there was one objective and one objective only. there was only one way to stop the khans from conquering the southern half of the empire and that was to stop the khan's heir, kublai khan, in his own territory.

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