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((EXCLUSIVE)) Catia V5 R19 Crack [UPDATED]

Aeroengine compressor rotates at very high speed of 10000-17000 rpm and induces high centrifugal stresses [1]. A typical compressor disc is subjected to centrifugal, bending and thermal loads [2]. One of the weakest parts of aeroengine compressor is the dovetail joint between a rotor disc and compressor blade. Due to the complexity of loading and interaction between two surfaces in dovetail joint, high stresses are induced which leads to crack and subsequent failure due to fretting fatigue phenomenon. Fretting fatigue describes the situation where slip between the two contact surfaces is present at the micron level [3]. Eden et al. [4] were the first to identify the fretting fatigue between two contact surfaces of the specimen. They found the layer of oxide formation in the areas contacting the grip of the test machine. Papanikos et al. reported that coefficient of friction, flank angle and flank length influenced the maximum stress concentration below the lower contact point of the blade and disc interface. Nandish et al. carried out contact stress analysis of the dovetail attachment with and without friction along the contact length using theoretical and finite element formulation for IMI685 material. It was concluded that the contact stress was maximum in the lower point of contact region due to the contribution of the bending stresses. Hammouda et al. analyzed the macro mechanics behavior of the fretted surfaces in dovetail joints in aero engine compressors using two dimensional elasto-plastic finite element analysis. As a result of a study the edges of the common surfaces nearest of the dovetail notch base found as the sites of the initiation of fatigue failure. Tiago et al. [5] analyzed the hexa multi and tetra elements to carry out a comparative study on normalized maximum stress in ANSYS tool. Maximum stress was found in hexamulti 1 mm element across the thickness in frictionless condition. Malay et al. [6] investigated variation of stresses and crack...

((EXCLUSIVE)) Catia V5 R19 Crack


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