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What is a booking bet? Guide on how to understand yellow and red card bets 

How to read football bets What is a booking bet? Guide on how to understand yellow and red card bets Booking bets are an essential part of the betting feast for enthusiastic bettors. Unlike traditional betting methods, booking bets bring a fresh and tips over/under To understand more, let's follow PXN Legal Football Betting Site to track the following information.

Table of Contents What is a booking bet? How many types are there? Standard booking play without adjustment needed How to calculate yellow card bets in football betting Pocketing how to play booking bets like an expert

  1. Adhere to the rules of play

  2. Analyze match information

  3. Choose the right odds

  4. Bet reasonably

  5. Reference from multiple reputable sources Conclusion What is a booking bet? How many types are there? A booking bet, also known as Total Bookings, is a form of football betting where players predict the number of cards (yellow and red) that will be shown during a match.

This bet depends solely on the number of cards the referee issues and not on the match's outcome.

Booking bet Yellow and red card bets are straightforward Currently, there are three popular types of booking bets offered by many bookmakers:

1X2 booking bet: Similar to traditional 1X2 bets, players predict which team will receive more cards (home team, away team) or if both teams will receive an equal number of cards.

Asian handicap booking bet: Bookmakers provide a handicap on bookings between two teams. Players bet on the team given the handicap and win if their chosen team receives fewer bookings than the handicap.

Booking over/under bet: Bookmakers set a bookings threshold (e.g., 3.5 cards). Players predict whether the total number of bookings in the match will be higher (over) or lower (under) than this threshold.

Additionally, some bookmakers offer other booking bets such as:

Even/odd booking bet: Predict whether the total number of bookings will be an even or odd number.

>>In soccer betting, understanding what is asian handicap in soccer betting  is crucial for bettors aiming to navigate through different odds and betting strategies effectively.

First half/full match: Predict the result in the first half or during the 90 minutes.

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Standard booking play without adjustment needed In football betting, to calculate booking winnings, players first need to understand the odds and how bookings are scored. Typically, bookmakers set odds for each type of booking bet.

For example, if the bet odds are 2.0 and you place 200,000 VND, if you win, you will receive a total of 400,000 VND.

Check the booking bet Guide to reading odds Booking points are calculated as follows:

Yellow card: 1 point. Red card: 2 points. If a player receives both yellow and red cards, the booking points will be 3 (2 points for two yellow cards and 1 point for the red card after receiving the second yellow). These points are used to calculate the winning amount.

Playing corner booking bets is similar to reading booking bets, where players predict the number of corners taken by both teams. However, booking bets are more appealing because they involve

How to calculate yellow card bets in football betting After understanding how to check booking bets, to calculate the winnings, players apply the following calculation formula:

Winnings = (Initial capital) x (Odds ratio) Losses = Initial capital. What is a booking bet Instructions on how to calculate For example, you participate in betting on a match between Manchester United and Arsenal at bookmaker A. The bookmaker offers booking bet odds as follows:

Booking over/under: 3.5 cards Bet ratio: Over (More than 3.5 cards): 0.95 Under (Less than 3.5 cards): 0.98 You choose to place 1 million VND on Under (Less than 3.5 cards).

The match ends with a score of 2-1 in favor of Manchester United. Throughout the 90 minutes, Manchester United receives 2 yellow cards and 1 red card (a total of 3 points), Arsenal receives 2 yellow cards (2 points).


Total bookings: 5 cards (3 points + 2 points) You win because the total bookings are Under 3.5 cards. Your winning amount:

1,000,000 VND * 0.98 = 980,000 VND

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Pocketing how to play booking bets like an expert If you are a beginner and feeling confused before entering a bet, don't worry too much. There are always free tips on playing booking bets. Remember these tips for checking red card bets:

  1. Adhere to the rules of play Read the bookmaker's regulations carefully before participating in betting to ensure you understand the rules and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Play responsibly, calmly, and wisely

  2. Analyze match information Consider the history of matches between the two teams, including the average number of bookings they received in previous matches. Monitor the playing form of players, especially those prone to aggressive play or receiving bookings. The match situation between two teams can affect the number of bookings. Consider which team controls the game and which team defends to make an accurate prediction. Learn about the referee's style of issuing cards that will control the match. Some referees tend to issue more bookings than others. Playing conditions such as slippery fields or bad weather can lead to more collisions and bookings. Important matches often have higher competitiveness, leading to more bookings. How to play booking bets Experience playing well

  3. Choose the right odds Over/Under bookings are often favored by many bettors. Asian handicap bookings are also a simple, easy-to-understand choice with a fairly high winning rate. Based on the playing style, the characteristics of some prominent players, players can consider entering Total Bookings. Don't forget to learn what an accumulator bet is to increase your chances of winning when there are many attractive bets, easy to win at bookmakers.

  4. Bet reasonably Don't put all your capital into just one door. Divide the capital you have to participate in many different bets, limiting risks. If you lose consecutively, take a break to reanalyze your strategy and manage your betting capital more effectively.

  5. Reference from multiple reputable sources Follow websites specializing in football predictions, where experts often analyze and the betting tips group  Join betting forums to exchange experiences in booking bets with other players. Conclusion Playing booking bets not only requires knowledge of football but also demands careful observation and analysis. Apply the above experiences to optimize your winning opportunities when participating in Total Bookings in football.

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