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Guide on How to Accurately Read Football Odds

Are you a passionate football fan? Are you looking for the most accurate way to read football odds in the current market? The sought-after types of betting odds include Asian Handicap, European Handicap, and Over/Under odds. Are you also searching for the number one bookmaker for trustworthy odds? Let's answer these questions together in the following section of this betting tips today

How to read Asian Handicap (AH) football odds?

Asian Handicap, also known as handicap, is a type of football betting odds that helps balance the strength between two teams. In this type of odds, the team with stronger strength is considered the upper team.

The upper team will give a handicap to the weaker team – the lower team, with a certain ratio based on the difference in strength. This ratio is determined by the bookmakers' evaluation of the two teams. It is calculated based on factors such as strength, historical encounters, expected line-ups, etc. Players need to consider all the main and secondary factors to evaluate whether the bookmakers' odds are reasonable and decide whether to bet on the stronger or weaker team.

Therefore, before participating in betting, players need to accurately read Asian Handicap odds. This is a crucial factor that determines winning or losing.

Asian Handicap 0 – 0

This odds type appears when the bookmakers evaluate that the two teams have equal strength. Simply put, there is no upper or lower team. Neither team is given any handicap. However, for the convenience of betting, bookmakers still distinguish between the upper and lower teams. In this 0-0 draw odds, the following situations may occur:

If the upper or lower team wins, depending on which team you bet on and has a higher goal difference than the other team, you win.

If both teams score the same number of goals, resulting in a draw, then you lose the bet regardless of which team you bet on.

Quarter, Half, or Three-Quarter Handicap

Quarter, Half, or Three-Quarter Handicap odds are handicap 0 – 0.75. This type of odds occurs when the two teams are relatively evenly matched in strength. If you see quarter handicap odds, the interpretation is as follows:

You bet on the upper team to win and earn money if the team scores more than 1 goal.

If the two teams draw, you will earn money if you bet on the lower team with ¼, ½, or ¾ of the bet amount. Conversely, if you bet on the upper team, you will lose ¼, ½, or ¾ of the bet amount.

Handicap 1, 2, 3…

Handicap 1 or 2 (whole number handicap) is a type of odds commonly used by beginners. In this type of betting odds, if you bet on the upper team to win with a handicap of 1, the upper team must have a goal difference of at least 2 goals compared to the lower team for you to win the bet. Similarly, if you bet on the lower team in a 1-goal handicap, you only need a goal difference of 1 or a draw to win the bet. The same applies to handicaps of 2, 3, and so on.

In this type of betting odds, the larger the handicap, the greater the difference in the strength of the two teams. However, beginners should be cautious before betting, as the bookmakers have evaluated the odds based on certain data to provide the handicap ratio. It's important to research thoroughly before placing bets to avoid unnecessary losses.

How to read European Handicap (1x2) odds

European Handicap, also known as 1x2 odds, is a simple type of odds that doesn't require much complexity or consideration of multiple factors like Asian Handicap odds. European Handicap is also referred to as 1x2 odds. Understanding European Handicap odds is straightforward, making it easy for beginners to grasp and win.

In this 1x2 odds, players can choose: win - 1, draw - x, and loss - 2. This is why it is called 1x2 odds. When looking at the odds displayed by bookmakers, if you see 1x2, it is European Handicap odds. When reading European Handicap odds online, pay attention to symbols such as 1H, 2H, FT, and 1, x, 2.

1H: Players only bet on the first half.

2H: Players only bet on the second half.

FT: Players place bets for the entire match.

1: Choose the home team to win.

2: Choose the away team to win.

X: Both teams draw.

In European Handicap odds, unlike Asian Handicap odds with odd ratios like ¼, ½, ¾, or 1 ¼ (1.25), 1.5, 1.75, which may result in a refund, in 1x2 odds, there is either a win or a loss. Due to this simplicity, the winning percentage for players is up to 33%. Therefore, this type of betting odds is popular among beginners as it is easy to predict and win.

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How to Read Over/Under Betting Odds in Football

Over/Under betting odds, also known as Total Goals betting, are a type of handicap wager. Bookmakers consider this type of bet to be more diverse and complex compared to the other two main betting types. Understanding Over/Under betting requires careful consideration before placing a bet. Below is a guide on how to read these football odds for those who are unfamiliar.

Over 0 Goals

Over 0 goals, also known as the draw-no-bet, means that a player wins if they bet on the over and there is a total of one or more goals scored. If neither team scores, the under bet is refunded.

Over 1 Goal

Similar to over 0 goals, a player betting on the over will win if the total goals scored by both teams are two or more. Conversely, thos