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Things To Buy At Whole Foods

"Boost your intake [of probiotics] with foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, brine cured olives, miso soup, and tempeh," said Melissa Litwak, a registered dietitian and founder of Chickpeas and Chocolate. "Whole Foods has a great selection to choose from, including well-priced sauerkraut by Eden Foods."

things to buy at whole foods

We tend to think of rice cakes as a low calorie or diet-friendly food, but Silberman says they're neither. "The second ingredient here is organic evaporated cane syrup, plus one rice cake has 80 calories and only one gram of fiber meaning that if you typically eat two you're eating more calories than a piece of whole grain bread, with half the fiber."

"It's a great idea to incorporate more plant protein in place of less healthful animal foods, and thankfully Whole Foods is a haven for plant protein fans," Ferraro said. "I love the Rebbl plant-based protein drinks, which combine organic coconut milk with unique herbs and flavoring combos."

You don't have to sacrifice flavor to shave off calories if you swap sauces for spices. "Spices are a nutrient packed, calorie, sodium and fat-free way to deliciously add flavor to your food," say The Nutrition Twins. "Buying in bulk at Whole Foods allows you to buy only what you need for a very reasonable price versus buying a whole jar of spices you may not use."

"Anyone with kids in a nut-free school knows how hard it can be to pack plant-protein foods for lunch, so I'm always on the lookout for SunButter, a delicious line of sunflower butters that is packed with protein, but free from all of the top food allergens," Ferraro said. "Whole Foods carries SunButter On the Go Single Cups, which makes it super easy to get nine grams of nut-free plant protein when you're on the run."

That's why we've consulted top health experts on everything they buy at Whole Foods, from wholesome snacks to meal prep staples. Next time you run to your local WF, jot these winning picks onto your list. They're actually worth it!

"Oats are whole grain and high in fiber, which can be helpful in optimizing cholesterol markers, managing blood sugar levels, and improving digestion. Oats also contain some protein, which in addition to fiber can help you feel full until your next meal and may help you reduce snacking."

"As a vegetarian, I'm always cognizant of eating enough foods that have vitamin B12 (since this vitamin is mostly found in meat products). Since nutritional yeast is rich in vitamin B12, has 8 grams of protein in a -cup serving, and offers a cheese flavor, I use it in a ton of my dishes, like scrambled eggs and sprinkled onto roasted veggies or popcorn. I have a hard time finding it in my local supermarket, so I make sure I grab a bag of the Bob's Red Mill nutritional yeast when I'm at Whole Foods."

"I shop their hot foods bar for quick takeout meals when I am traveling. I like that Whole Foods provides foods that are closer to what I would make at home as compared to typical fast food options. Last week I was in Washington, DC, and I had a nice meal of baked acorn squash, roasted root vegetables, a spinach salad, and chicken from a Whole Foods that was near my hotel. It was great that I did not have to cook or clean up!"

"Bean-based pasta, such as Tolerant brand, offer single-ingredient options like Black Bean, Red Lentil, and Green Lentil, which are exceptional minimally-processed options that will help to maintain our appetite and control blood sugar throughout the afternoon. Specifically, these plant-based pastas offer significantly more nutrition per bite as they are high in naturally-occurring fiber and protein. Highly processed options that contain processed fibers and protein isolates remain limited as to the research supporting their health benefits, and usually come packed in foods high in added sugars and sodium. Despite other grocers having other bean-based pasta brands, I choose Whole Foods as a steady source for Tolerant, which to me is the highest quality of these pastas."

"It's still a bit of a splurge, but hands down the best value I've found for a true natural peanut butter- ingredients are peanuts and salt. I don't have to feel like one of my two-year-old's favorite foods is full of unnecessary ingredients."

A small 2020 study found that, compared to people who ate a granola bar as an afternoon snack, hummus eaters had lower blood sugar levels after eating. This brand is made with extra virgin olive oil, not soybean oil, and a handful of other whole ingredients and spices. Soybean oil tends to be highly processed and high in omega-6 fats, which can contribute to many chronic diseases when over consumed (as they often are in the standard American diet).

I keep frozen fruit on rotation in my freezer. We're always buying berries, but sometimes I'll switch things up and pick up cherries, peaches, mango, pineapple. Just to keep things interesting and varied. These are 1000% one of the best items at Whole Foods!

You can't go wrong with bananas! They're one of the things I like to keep on hand for smoothies, baking, and late-night treats (No Bake Snickers Banana Bites anyone?!). I buy mine at Whole Foods because their organic variety is also fair trade and inexpensive. Bananas are a staple for a lot of people, so next time you're there, pick some up!

When you buy groceries for your family, you want to give them the healthiest foods possible. Generally, that means lots of fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed whole foods. But let's just be honest: We don't have time to cook everything from scratch. Therefore, you may buy some prepackaged food from time to time. And when you buy from Whole Foods, you may assume you're getting higher quality, healthier food because you're paying a premium. But that's definitely not the case when you buy the apple cereal bars from the 365 brand.

If you're trying to eat less meat, you may want to look into other whole food protein options, such as beans, legumes, nuts, and tofu. Not only will they be better for you, but they're almost guaranteed to taste better than these chickenless nuggets.

Just be warned: When you start eating these things, it's not going to be easy to stop. They just that addictive. One Amazon reviewer said, "Disappeared so quickly in my house that I didn't even get to try them! Must have been good, my sons and husband ate them all up!" If you don't share a home with your family, you'll have to be careful not to eat them all yourself at one sitting. Otherwise, though, we think that this is one of the best purchases you can make when you go to Whole Foods.

Here's another one that might seem healthy at first glance. If something has "veggie" in the name, it must be good for you, right? Right? Well, we've got bad news because that's not exactly what you're going to get when you buy the veggie straws from the 365 brand. This is another unhealthy food that Eat This, Not That! has written about. Despite their colorful appearance that's apparently supposed to make you think of vegetables, the article states that these things are "basically chips." They don't even have a ton of veggies in them, and it's not like you're getting a lot of fiber.

Your first thought may be to put this almond butter in a sandwich with some jam or jelly, and that's a great option. It really elevates your classic PB&J to a whole new level and makes it into a special sandwich you can eat any day of the week. But that's not all you can do with this versatile nut butter. We love adding some of this stuff to a hot bowl of oatmeal or cooking with it in place of peanut butter. It's also great in baked goods, and it even tastes good on its own (we won't judge you if you eat it with a spoon). Give it a try the next time you can get your hands on some.

Looking to add a little burst of flavor or spice to all of your favorite foods? You don't need to look any further than the jalapeño hot sauce you'll find under Whole Foods' 365 brand. This isn't your average hot sauce. While this stuff is pretty spicy, it's definitely not overpowering; if you don't handle spice well, you'll probably be okay using this if you just add it to your food sparingly. However, if you love making everything you eat super spicy, then you can really pile this jalapeño sauce on.

Whole Foods might be a little more expensive on certain items, but there are definitely several things you can pick up there that are cheaper than other grocery stores. For example, you can get a lot of great deals with Whole Foods 365 brand. They also issue new in-store coupons every month and you can use regular coupons as well. Plus, they always have weekly specials advertised in a flyer at the front of the store and they have a different discounted item every Friday that you can get a deal on. Some examples of those kinds of deals include gallons of lemonade for only $1, rotisserie chickens for $5, and organic grass fed ground beef for only $4.99 a pound. A couple of things to get a good deal on at Whole Foods are nuts, granola, produce, and natural juices.

At Verywell, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to a healthy lifestyle. Successful eating plans need to be individualized and take the whole person into consideration. Prior to starting a new diet plan, consult with your healthcare provider or a registered dietitian, especially if you have an underlying health condition.

Many prepared ready-to-eat foods may look like whole foods, but they often include extra ingredients used to change their taste and make them more shelf-stable, which means they are not whole foods. Those who follow a whole foods diet typically prepare most of their meals at home.

A whole foods diet is closely aligned with federal dietary guidelines with a focus on consuming real, unprocessed foods and avoiding additives like sugar, artificial ingredients, antibiotics, or hormones. While it is a healthy, balanced diet, it is not always a realistic diet for everyone.

Jayasinghe MA, Ekanayake S, Nugegoda DB. Effect of different milling methods on glycaemic response of foods made with finger millet (Eucenea coracana) flour. Ceylon Med J. 2013;58(4):148-52. doi: 10.4038/cmj.v58i4.6305 041b061a72

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