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How to Play NBA 2K14 on Android with APK File - Step by Step Guide

NBA 2K14 APK: A Review of the Best Basketball Game for Android Devices

If you are a fan of basketball and video games, you might have heard of NBA 2K14 APK, a popular basketball game for Android devices. NBA 2K14 APK is the latest installment of the world's biggest and best NBA video game franchise, developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K. With more than 38 Sports Game of the Year and "Best Of" mentions last year on console, NBA 2K14 APK is set to rule the virtual hardwood on your mobile device. This year, the game has joined forces with the league's most dominant force: LeBron James, who is featured on the cover art and also served as the music curator for the game. In this article, we will review NBA 2K14 APK and tell you everything you need to know about this amazing game.


NBA 2K14 APK has many features that make it stand out from other basketball games for Android devices. Some of these features are:

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  • Intuitive Controls: You can choose between classic control and One-Finger control, built specifically for mobile devices. The classic control lets you use virtual buttons to move, shoot, pass, and perform other actions. The One-Finger control lets you swipe your finger across the screen to perform different moves. Both controls are easy to use and responsive.

  • Multiseason Mode: You can play through multiple NBA seasons and establish your team as a dynasty. You can customize your roster, manage your finances, trade players, sign free agents, draft rookies, and more. You can also compete against other players online in leaderboards and tournaments.

  • Euroleague: For the first time in the NBA 2K series, you can play with 14 of the top European teams, featuring authentic uniforms and players. You can experience a different style of basketball and challenge yourself against some of the best teams in the world.

  • Dynamic Living Rosters: The game updates player attributes and tendencies daily to reflect true life hot and cold streaks. Now, each game played in the NBA can have an effect on your game.

  • King James Soundtrack: The game features a soundtrack hand-picked by LeBron James, including JAY Z, Eminem, The Black Keys, Daft Punk, and many more.

  • Pro Stick: The game introduces a new control system that lets you perform show-stopping moves, pull off intricate shots, and toss flashy no-look passes with deadly accuracy. You can use the right analog stick to control your player's movements and actions.

  • Signature Skills: The game adds six new Signature Skills, ensuring each NBA player's unique abilities are represented in the most authentic way possible. Some of these skills are Pick Dodger, Flashy Passer, Pick & Roll Maestro, Screen Outlet, One Man Fastbreak, and Tenacious Rebounder.

System Requirements

NBA 2K14 APK is compatible with Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher. The game requires about 1.2 GB of free storage space to install and run smoothly. The game also requires a stable internet connection to access some of the online features and updates. The game may not work properly on some devices due to hardware limitations or compatibility issues.

Download Link

You can download NBA 2K14 APK from the official Google Play Store or from other trusted sources. However, you should be careful when downloading APK files from unknown or unverified websites, as they may contain malware or viruses that can harm your device. You should also check the permissions and reviews of the app before installing it. To download NBA 2K14 APK from the Google Play Store, you can click on this link: [NBA 2K14]

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NBA 2K14 APK has received mostly positive reviews from users and critics alike. The game has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store, based on over 100,000 reviews. Some of the common praises for the game are its realistic graphics, smooth gameplay, diverse modes, and authentic soundtrack. Some of the common complaints for the game are its high price, large file size, frequent crashes, and laggy online mode.

Here are some of the user reviews for NBA 2K14 APK:

"This game is awesome! The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is smooth. I love playing with my favorite teams and players. The Euroleague mode is a nice addition too. The only problem is that the game sometimes crashes or freezes, especially when I play online. Please fix this issue."

- John Smith

"I regret buying this game. It's too expensive for what it offers. The game is full of bugs and glitches. The online mode is laggy and unplayable. The controls are hard to use and unresponsive. The game also takes up too much space on my device. I wish I could get a refund."

- Jane Doe

"This game is the best basketball game for Android devices. It has everything you need in a basketball game: realistic graphics, smooth gameplay, diverse modes, and authentic soundtrack. The game is worth every penny. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves basketball and video games."

- Mike Jones


If you are looking for other basketball games for Android devices, you have plenty of options to choose from. Some of the alternatives to NBA 2K14 APK are:

  • NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball: This game lets you build your own team of NBA stars and legends, and compete in various modes such as Season, Live Events, Head-to-Head, and more. You can also join a league and play with your friends online.

  • Basketball Stars: This game lets you play 1v1 basketball matches against real players from around the world. You can customize your appearance, skills, and gear, and show off your moves and tricks.

  • Basketball Battle: This game lets you play 2v2 basketball matches against AI or human opponents. You can perform dunks, blocks, steals, and shots with simple controls.

  • Basketball Shoot: This game lets you practice your shooting skills in various scenarios and environments. You can adjust your angle, power, and direction to make the perfect shot.

  • Basketball Mania: This game lets you test your accuracy and speed in a fun arcade-style basketball game. You can swipe your finger to shoot hoops and score as many points as possible before time runs out.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to improve your skills and performance in NBA 2K14 APK, here are some tips and tricks that can help you:

  • Practice Mode: You can use the practice mode to familiarize yourself with the controls, moves, and strategies of the game. You can also practice your shooting, passing, dribbling, defending, and other skills.

  • Tutorial Mode: You can use the tutorial mode to learn the basics of the game, such as how to use the Pro Stick, how to perform Signature Skills, how to play in different modes, and more.

problems or feedback?

  • A: You can contact NBA 2K14 APK support team by visiting their official website or social media pages. You can also email them at or call them at 1-866-219-9839.


NBA 2K14 APK is a great basketball game for Android devices that offers realistic graphics, smooth gameplay, diverse modes, and authentic soundtrack. The game features LeBron James as the cover star and music curator, and also includes 14 of the top European teams for the first time in the NBA 2K series. The game has many features that enhance the gameplay, such as intuitive controls, multiseason mode, dynamic living rosters, pro stick, signature skills, and crews. The game also has some drawbacks, such as high price, large file size, frequent crashes, and laggy online mode. The game has received mostly positive reviews from users and critics alike, and has many alternatives that users can try if they want a different experience. The game also has some tips and tricks that users can follow to improve their skills and performance, and some cheats that users can use to unlock some hidden features of the game. The game also has some screenshots that showcase the graphics and gameplay of the game, and some FAQs that answer some of the common questions about the game.

If you are a fan of basketball and video games, you should definitely download and play NBA 2K14 APK on your Android device. You will not regret it. You can download NBA 2K14 APK from the Google Play Store or from other trusted so

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