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To access purchased content or to download files from the Companion Website, you will need to create an account and register your product.Sign in to an existing account or register a new Cheng & Tsui account and enter your product key exactly as it appears.

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Microsoft Edge lets you download files safely and securely. To choose where files are downloaded on your device, go to edge://settings/downloads. If SmartScreen is enabled, information about your file, such as the file name and URL, are sent to SmartScreen to check the reputation of the file. The reputation check helps you avoid accidentally downloading known malware that is known to hurt your device. To change SmartScreen settings, go to edge://settings/privacy and toggle SmartScreen. For more information about SmartScreen, see the SmartScreen section.

To view the history of your previous downloads, go to edge://downloads. To clear your browsing data and delete your download history, go to edge://settings/clearBrowserData. Deleting your download history from Microsoft Edge does not remove the files from your device. Deleting downloaded files from your device does not remove the files from your download history. When you use InPrivate browsing or Guest mode, the download history from the session is cleared when you close the InPrivate or Guest windows. The files remain saved on the device.

Microsoft Edge downloads the list of sites from a location defined by the administrator through a policy, and caches the file that determines which sites must be opened in IE mode. Depending on your Windows or IE 11 settings, Microsoft Edge collects diagnostic data about the use of IE mode. Collected data includes which sites users visit, performance data, reliability data, and feature usage data. On Windows 10 and later, the diagnostic data is collected according to your Windows Diagnostic data setting. On Windows 8.1, website information is collected if the user has opted into the Flip Ahead or Suggested Sites feature in IE. IE mode may not follow the same data collection settings in the Microsoft Edge Privacy settings.

Guest mode is a temporary instance of a fresh profile. It allows you to browse on another user's device without modifying the signed-in profile. Browsing data from Guest mode such as favorites, browsing history, passwords, and form fill data does not persist after you close all Guest mode windows. Downloaded files are stored on the device, but the history of the downloads is deleted.

InPrivate browsing is a private browsing mode. No browsing history, download history, cookies and site data, nor form fill data are remembered. Microsoft Edge saves downloaded files and any new favorites created while browsing InPrivate.

SmartScreen is designed to help you safely browse the web. When you go to websites or download files, SmartScreen checks the reputation of the URL or file. If SmartScreen determines that the site or file is malicious, it blocks you from going to the site or downloading the file.

SmartScreen checks downloaded files to help prevent harm to your device. SmartScreen performs a binary file reputation check synchronously as your download completes. Microsoft Edge sends information about the file such as the file hash, file name, download URI, and an identifier unique to your device to SmartScreen to perform the reputation check. All SmartScreen requests are made with HTTPS encryption. The SmartScreen service sends back the result of the check, which allows the file to either fully download or not. The results are stored locally on the device.

The SmartScreen service stores data about the reputation checks and builds a database of known malicious URLs and files. The data is stored on secure Microsoft servers and is used only for Microsoft security services. The data is never used to identify or target you in any way. Clearing your browsing cache clears all locally stored SmartScreen URL data. Clearing your download history removes any locally stored SmartScreen data about file downloads.

Optionally, SmartScreen checks the URLs of files you download to see if any are categorized as potentially unwanted apps. Blocking potentially unwanted apps helps deliver more productive, performant, and delightful Windows experiences. The setting is turned off by default and is only available on Windows 10 and later devices. To enable the feature, go to edge://settings/privacy and turn on the Block potentially unwanted apps setting. For more information about how potentially unwanted apps are categorized, see Potentially unwanted application (PUA). For more information about how to configure the setting, see Detect and block potentially unwanted applications.

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