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Couple Jewelry Sets: What does It Mean?

Regardless and cost, jewelry usually has a sentimental significance. Received as gifts or handed through generations, they carry within them memories, stories or memories... Women's rings aren't an exception to the rule. They're a symbol of an incredibly powerful symbolism, and must be taken into consideration when you are gifting them to women. By omitting the hidden meaning of a ring, you may confuse a person you are giving it to. You could also misinterpret your own sentiments and motives. Here's a quick overview about the significance of a ring handed to a woman as a present.

The symbolism of the ring

In the beginning, let's come back to the symbolism of the rings. Whatever it is made of, the ring is seen as a symbol of the forever beginnings. In numerous cultures, the circles and the cycle... represent the idea of eternality and infinity. Since the beginning of time, we have given rings to our loved ones to symbolize our forever commitment. The wedding ring, also known as an engagement ring is an ornamental item that signifies bond of love between two individuals. This can also be extended to friendship rings that can be given to friends as a way to strengthen their bond.

A circle may also be a symbol of belonging. The ring worn thus acts as a sign of acknowledgement between members of the same community, of the same group... It is the same for University rings, signet ring, Masonic rings...

Rings for women are an important gift. It's all dependent on whom you are giving it to and the specific circumstances.

Proof of eternal love

A ring for your beloved lady is an unquestionable symbol of your affection for her. A gold ring featuring a solitaire diamond is the most important present for an engagement proposal and is a symbol of purity and eternality. The simple platinum or gold ring is usually embellished with precious gemstones. It symbolizes the eternal union.

Rings are the ideal present to show your affection. The lady to whom you present it should not be confused by the intentions you have for them.

A proof of friendship

However, it is entirely possible to give a ring to a woman without it having a romantic meaning. To avoid creating an oddity it is best to keep away solitaire rings and wedding rings. Consider a friendship ring the costume ring, or an original piece of jewelry that is different from the norms associated with marriage and engagements.

You can give this kind of ring to celebrate a birthday or for a significant occasion like Christmas...

A sign of affection

Finally, giving a woman a ring can also be viewed as a basic symbol of affection. Jewelry is often given as an Mother's Day gift, Valentine's Day gift or a birthday present. You can also choose designs that differ from the conventional wedding rings and engagement rings. For example, you can opt for a ring adorned with precious stones, ornaments or geometric patterns, expensive stones, and so on.

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